Personal Chef Byron Bay - Sunshine Coast | Menu
Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast is a service that will provide people with a healthy, easy, weekly menu. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast will do the grocery shopping and bring it to the clients home to prepare. We will guide clients through the menu and teach them how to cook it. Our aim is to help people with their health eating goals, save time and make life easier. We are flexible and will work with peoples needs. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast offers cooking lessons either one on one, or in a small group. We also provide catering such as dinner parties, BBQ's, specialised cakes and canapé service. Gift vouchers are easily arranged for clients, whether it's a special dinner for two, or a cooking lesson.
Byron Bay Personal Chef, Gold Coast Personal Chef
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Special Post Covid Celebration Menu Entree Lamb Belly Fritters, peas and spring onion with naturally brewed mint jelly, lemon yoghurt Prawn Stuffed with olives and goats cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, kale cream sauce Panfried Scallop, lemon cucumber and sprout salad with home made sweet chilli sauce. Tea smoked Beef, zucchini and snowpea remoulade, toasted pumpkin...

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3 Day Menu

Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast have starting doing 3 Day Prepared Menus!. We design menu, shop and come to your home to cook your menu. We print out a menu meal plan with instructions and you follow!. The 3 Day Menu is organised in containers of Day 1...

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Dinner Parties.

Personal Chef Byron Bay &Gold Coast Menu Dinner Party Menu. Entree Scallops with sweet potato puree with seeds and herbs, citrus dressing. Ceviche of Market Fish with avocado mousse, sun dried cherry tomatoes with chilli lime. Lamb Cutlet stuffed with goats cheese wrapped in prosciutto with yoghurt tahini. Marinated Moroccan Prawn salad...

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Summer Tapas Menu

Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast Tapas Menu Uno Prosciutto Cheesy Twist Tortilla de Potato with roasted cherry tomato and parsley Nacho bits – Black bean puree, tomato chilli, avo, coriander and yogurt tahini White anchovies wrapped around stuffed olives Chorizo & Tofu skewers with mustard cream Dos Pickled Shrimp on artichoke...

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