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Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast is a service that will provide people with a healthy, easy, weekly menu. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast will do the grocery shopping and bring it to the clients home to prepare. We will guide clients through the menu and teach them how to cook it. Our aim is to help people with their health eating goals, save time and make life easier. We are flexible and will work with peoples needs. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast offers cooking lessons either one on one, or in a small group. We also provide catering such as dinner parties, BBQ's, specialised cakes and canapé service. Gift vouchers are easily arranged for clients, whether it's a special dinner for two, or a cooking lesson.
Byron Bay Personal Chef, Gold Coast Personal Chef
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3 Day Menu

3 Day Menu

Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast have starting doing 3 Day Prepared Menus!. We design menu, shop and come to your home to cook your menu. We print out a menu meal plan with instructions and you follow!. The 3 Day Menu is organised in containers of Day 1 – Lunch meals & Dinner meals….Day 2…Lunch & Dinner…Day 3 Lunch & Dinner. We want your meals to be fresh and want you to feel that you are apart of the cooking process….so some meals you may need to blanch the green vegetables and chop up the salad ingredients. I get asked all the time to do prepared healthy meals and after years of being a personal chef…this is the best way to keep things fresh, healthy and it makes people feel involved!. There is no frozen meals, no need to worry about ‘what to cook’ and half the time needed to cook those meals.

Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast

3 Day Menu Plan

Day 1

Lunch – Tuna, broccoli quinoa tabouli salad with tahini yoghurt and seeds.

Slice tuna. Blanch broccoli. Roughly chop parsley and mint. Cut cherry

tomatoes in half. Roughly dice cucumber. Slice or dice red onion.

Add broccoli, parsley, mint, tomatoes, cucumber to cooked quinoa,

toss, add cider vinegar dressing. Serve, add dollop of tahini

yoghurt and sprinkle on seeds

Dinner  Baked crumbed chicken and sweet potato chips with cos herb salad and tartar sauce.

Preheat oven on 250oC (A high heat is important as it will brown the crumb and the fish won’t take long to cook) place on tray and cook for 10 mins. At chips to re heat. Serve with salad and tartar.

Day 2

Lunch – Thai fish cakes with cucumber, snowpeas, sesame seeds mint and noodle salad with lime chilli dressing.

Re heat fish cakes till warm. Blanch snowpeas, chop mint and cucumber, mix into noodles.

Dinner – Stuffed Capsicum with beef mixed grains, herbs and cheese with salad.

Re heat in oven for 15 mins at 2OO0C. Chop up salad ingredients

Day 3

Lunch – Soy chicken, capsicum, broccoli, corn, spring onion, kale, cashews and brown rice

Drain chicken from marinated. Pan fry chicken for 2 mins without marinated. Add containers of veggie and marinated liquid, fry for 3 mins with lids, add rice and nuts fry for further 2 minutes.

Dinner – Salmon roasted pumpkin, Brussel sprout and parsnip with parsley sauce.

Cook Salmon in oven for 8 mins with veggies. Serve with sauce.

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