Personal Chef Byron Bay - Sunshine Coast | Seafood menu
Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast is a service that will provide people with a healthy, easy, weekly menu. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast will do the grocery shopping and bring it to the clients home to prepare. We will guide clients through the menu and teach them how to cook it. Our aim is to help people with their health eating goals, save time and make life easier. We are flexible and will work with peoples needs. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast offers cooking lessons either one on one, or in a small group. We also provide catering such as dinner parties, BBQ's, specialised cakes and canapé service. Gift vouchers are easily arranged for clients, whether it's a special dinner for two, or a cooking lesson.
Byron Bay Personal Chef, Gold Coast Personal Chef
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Seafood menu

Seafood menu


  1. Rare tuna and spinach nori roll with sunflower sprouts ands seeds, miso sauce
  2. Mussels fritters with chorizo, red onion and rocket and tahini yoghurt.
  3. Prawns baked in chargrilled zucchini, peperonata  and herb salad



  1. Crispy skin salmon with saffron potato, lemon chickpea and raw beetroot herb salad with kale pesto sauce
  2. Market White Fish poached in chilli coconut sauce with raw zucchini, snow peas, wombok, spring onions, bean shoots and asian herbs salad
  3. Garlic lobster tails with baked pumpkin polenta, broccolini and sunflower sprout salad,and prawn cream sauce


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