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Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast is a service that will provide people with a healthy, easy, weekly menu. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast will do the grocery shopping and bring it to the clients home to prepare. We will guide clients through the menu and teach them how to cook it. Our aim is to help people with their health eating goals, save time and make life easier. We are flexible and will work with peoples needs. Personal Chef Byron Bay & Gold Coast offers cooking lessons either one on one, or in a small group. We also provide catering such as dinner parties, BBQ's, specialised cakes and canapé service. Gift vouchers are easily arranged for clients, whether it's a special dinner for two, or a cooking lesson.
Byron Bay Personal Chef, Gold Coast Personal Chef
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Welcome is cheesy but Welcome it is!

Welcome is cheesy but Welcome it is!

I’m Emma Dennett chef for 21 years, but really I’m a creator and experimenter of food…continuously evolving & learning new way of creating….Which for me is the fun part….and fun is my main starting point when it comes to cooking! Who really wants to slog away in the kitchen…if it’s not fun!


My main focus for this website is to take the hassle out of ‘What will I cook?’ Organising an easy menu for people to follow. This blog aims to inspire people to create, take risks and experiment! I’ve never been one to follow recipes…in fact it turns me off. Somehow I ALWAYS leave some ingredient out…no matter how many times I re-read the ingredient list…why…wouldn’t have a clue…maybe my brain isn’t wired to follow instructions…some aren’t…so I normally read a recipe…get roughly inspired by the recipes use of ingredients and flavour combo’s and then throw the recipe out….ah the pressure is off!!!


Hold the bus….this doesn’t mean that I’m not going to include recipes….of course I am…that would be just plain weird…a food website without recipes!!! I just want this blog to be varied in content…creative…slightly out of the box…away from the stove.


I have three basic rule


One…the most important part…before I start cooking…what music I’m I going to play…you have to set the mood!!! Maybe Al Greene something cool, smooth soul or gentle Dirty Three or a cheeky guilty pleasure…bit of Michael Jackson.


Two…your kitchen should be filled with things you love! Whether that’s lots of colour or crockery you’ve collected from all around the world. Things that reflect and inspire YOU! Making it a positive, creative space for you to be comfortable …to experiment in!!!


Three…Don’t be put off by mistakes… mistakes are good. I’ve made the best discoveries through making mistakes and in doing so found better techniques. As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as making mistakes in cooking.


If someone disagrees with those three points… then these are the people who are not having fun when cooking, which it should be!!!



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